7 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

“I cannot say this too strongly: Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might.” ~ Daisaku Ikeda

Comparison is the death of joy

What keeps so many people from enjoying a happy, peaceful and meaningful life, is this unhealthy need to compare themselves with others. Instead of focusing on themselves and the things they ought to be doing, they look to their left and to their right at others are doing, failing to realize that by doing so, not only are they slowing themselves down, but they are also hurting themselves.

7 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Here are 7 ways to stop comparing yourself to others and start valuing yourself instead:

1. Focus on your path

You are a unique individual with unique gifts and talents. You have your own dharma, your unique path to walk in life, and your own purpose to fulfill – what you can do, nobody else can. So please, stop comparing yourself to others and instead, start doing the things you came here to do.

2. You are hurting yourself

Every time you compare yourself with others you send a signal to your brain that who you are is not enough – good enough, smart enough, confident enough, successful enough, skinny enough, etc., and that everybody around you is better than you yourself are.

But that’s just a big fat lie!

You are worthy. You are whole. And YOU are enough! So please, stop comparing yourself to others and start valuing yourself for who you truly are.

3. You are not in competition with anyone

I know this world tries very hard to trick us into thinking we are in competition with one another and that we have to do our best to run faster, do things much better, and achieve a lot more than our fellow human beings, because if we don’t, we’ll fall behind and humanity will walk all over us.

But that’s just nonsense.

You are not in here to compete with anyone! And you surely are not here to be better than anyone. You are here to be better than yourself. You are here to become better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow, better than you are today. So please, focus on bettering yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

4. There’s enough for everyone

Even though the majority of people have a scarcity mindset (at the way things are in the world, that’s no surprise), the truth of the matter is that we live in an abundant universe and that there is enough for everyone.

There’s nothing to fear.

What’s yours is yours. What’s theirs is theirs. And if you stay focused on your path, your vision, and the things you came here to do, you will create so much happiness, joy, and abundance, that you will not what to do with it. 

5. Stay away from that which weakens you

I know it can be quite challenging at times not to compare yourself to others, especially when with this whole social media madness. But if you feel that there are certain things, people and situations that weaken you, causing you to fall into this pattern of comparison and competition, it is best to distance yourself for a while from those things and surround yourself with that which gives you power, strength, wisdom, and confidence.

6. Learn to value yourself

You want the world to see, love, value and to appreciate you. But you have to understand that this is a sure way to inflict a lot of pain onto yourself. And you know why? Because the world might never see you for who you truly are. And if you don’t learn to love and value yourself, you might live your entire thinking you’re unworthy.

Which isn’t true at all.

Learn to value yourself – what you do, and who you are. And know that you aren’t here to impress, or get anyone’s approval. You are here to Be Yourself.

7. I am enough mantra

Each morning when you wake up, and right before you go to sleep, I want you to repeat yourself these words to yourself. But I want you to feel them, and to let their power to infuse every cell of your body with Light, Love, and Truth. Because they will!

Place your hands over your heart, take a deep cleansing breath, and repeat these words to yourself:

“In this moment I am enough,

I know enough.

I have enough.

I am perfect just the way I am.”

You are enough, and it is time to stop comparing yourself to others and acknowledge how wonderfully valuable you truly are.

What about you? Do you tend to compare yourself to others? If so, what is the one thing you can start doing today to stop comparing yourself to others? You can share your comment in the comment section below 🙂

~Love, Luminita💫

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