8 Clever Ways to Deal with Rude People

Life Coaching Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. … the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. ~Don Miguel Ruiz HowLearn more »

Posted Feb 06 2013

11 Ways to Have Fun with Life’s Challenges

Life Coaching Tragedy turns into comedy when you watch your own drama and realizing it as a mind-created fiction designed to create you a sense of identity. ~Eckhart Tolle Humor is the perfect tool that makes us understand how accepting life’s challenges or life’s lemons, in a positive way givesLearn more »

Posted Feb 05 2013

3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Your Happiness

Happiness What makes happy people happy? Is it the money? A promotion? A new iPhone? Their family’s health? University of California-Riverside researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky’s work informs us about where our happiness comes from and how to get more of it. Pieces of the happiness pie Dr. LyubomirskyLearn more »

Posted Feb 04 2013

A Different Approach to the New Year

Life Coaching For most of us, a New Year represents hopes for physical, spiritual and emotional balance. While working out and eating right are a good start, what about a new approach this year? Working from the core of who you are so you rock 2013, allLearn more »

Posted Jan 30 2013

The Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned from Life

Happiness If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it. ~John Irving For years and years, I looked outside myself for love, for peace, for happiness and fulfillment.  The more I looked, the furtherLearn more »

Posted Jan 29 2013

How to Get Started on the Happiness Process

Life Coaching I believe that when you stop renewing and are no longer open to change and the possibilities that continually unfold, you stop being alive and are just getting through the years. Transformation doesn’t happen unless you’re willing: It’s your choice. ~Oprah Winfrey Earlier this week, ILearn more »

Posted Jan 28 2013

How to Get Your Life Back on Track

Life Coaching We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams. ~Les Brown The New Year Conundrum So, here we are —Learn more »

Posted Jan 25 2013

Insights from My Holiday in Thailand

Happiness If you ever want to experience Heaven on Earth, I advise you to take a trip to Koh Lipe Thailand, or what I call Atlantis – the most magical and loving place on I have ever been to. Just so you know, I am veryLearn more »

Posted Jan 23 2013

How to Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

Life Coaching The key to living a happy, healthy, creative and successful new year is to focus on what you want, and how to go about living day to day to bring that into reality. While it is easy to be thrown off track – (that’s whatLearn more »

Posted Jan 19 2013

One Remarkable Lesson for a Better Life

Happiness “There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.” We tend to think that the happiest people are the ones who have it all – money, looks, health, love, friends, success, shiny cars, big beautiful houses  - but is that really true? I have met so many “poor”Learn more »

Posted Jan 17 2013

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