Five Steps Toward A Better Life

Happiness When it comes to finding happiness, many of us seem to be looking for it in all the wrong places, wasting time and energy, not realizing that the root of happiness is within each and every one of us, in our hearts. Allowing ourselves toLearn more »

Posted Aug 20 2014

A Refreshing Approach on How to Simplify Your Life

Happiness “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.” ~ Henry David Thoreau In a world where we are taught to make things more and more complicated eachLearn more »

Posted Aug 12 2014

The 3 Stages of Life

Happiness “I went on to explain that there are at least 3 stages to life, beginning with you as victim, then moving on to you as creator of your life, and ending—if you’re lucky—with you be- coming servant to the Divine.” ~ Joe Vitale I have beenLearn more »

Posted Aug 06 2014

Why You Should Always Trust Yourself

Happiness “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.” ~ Benjamin Spock As time passes by and the more work you will do on discovering and improving yourself, the more you will realize that the ancient Latin quotation: Ne te quaesiveris extra - Do not look outside of yourselfLearn more »

Posted Jul 31 2014

Letting Go: How to Free Yourself of Negative Thoughts

Happiness “To attain true inner freedom, you must be able to objectively watch your problems instead of being lost in them… Once you’ve made the commitment to free yourself of the scared person inside, you will notice that there is a clear decision point at whichLearn more »

Posted Jul 27 2014

9 Daily Promises You Should Make to Yourself

Happiness I’m such a big fan of Leo Buscaglia and while I was going over some of his materials during the weekend I found  this beautiful piece called A Start and I decided to make a list out of it. I call it the 9 Daily PromisesLearn more »

Posted Jul 17 2014

23 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Dalai Lama

Happiness One of the many reasons I am so fond of Dalai Lama and many of the Buddhist teachings is because of the softness of their words and the fact that through the simple words used in their messages, they empower the whole world. Messages ofLearn more »

Posted Jul 11 2014

How to Restore, Renew and Rejuvenate Yourself

Happiness “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed.” ~ Audrey Hepburn  We live in such a fast pace world, running from one place to another and doing one thing after another. Because we get so busy doing all theLearn more »

Posted Jul 10 2014

5 Important Questions to Help You Know Your Life Purpose

Happiness “Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” ~ Buddha What is the ONE thing you feel right now that you are qualified to teach other people? What is the ONE thing you feel that bringsLearn more »

Posted Jul 08 2014

Approval Seeking Behavior: How to Let Go of It

Happiness “Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” ~ Harvey Mackay So many people live under the impression that who they are is not good enough and that in order for them toLearn more »

Posted Jul 02 2014

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