Say No To Short Term Happiness

Say No To Short Term Happiness

Personally, when I see somebody I know acting all happy, telling everybody how good he/she feels at that moment, I am saddened. Really, I am. You know why? Because most of us, on the daily basis are in a state of mind that is not quite pleasant. When I see people acting all happy and excited one day, for a reason or another and then going back to the initial state the next day, I feel sorry for them. If you need something or someone in order for you to get some stamina, in order for you to feel better about yourself than that is really depressing.

Things don’t always turn out as you expect, people don’t always act the way you would like them too and if your happiness is found on the outside world, you will always be at the mercy of those events and people that you want to attract in your life. You will feel powerless and you will spend most of your life chasing after things, people and all kind of external riches so that you could feel good. What a waste of time would that be…

There are people who are always grumpy and moody, bitter and sad, always looking for faults in others and always looking for new ways to criticize, complain and to blame those around them for whatever is happening in their lives. These are the people who aren’t  in a good place, people who have no idea about what is it that they want, what is it that they really need and what is it that can bring them peace of mind. They have no idea who they really are unfortunately, there are a lot of people like that in the world.

I find it quite disturbing because what can be more tragic than living your life without really knowing who you are, what makes your heart sing and why are you here, in this world and how can achieve blissfulness.

Some of us are more fortunate than others and find the answers to all of these questions early in life while others have to dig deep in order to find the answers. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact in can be an amazing adventure, a journey to finding your true self, your true nature, the reason for your existence. It might take time but you have to be patient, you have to enjoy every second of your journey and keep in mind that it’s all about the journey and less about the destination. On this path that you are walking you will discover great things about yourself, you will discover talents and abilities you did not know you have, you will discover a new and beautiful world and that world was there all the time and that world would be a reflection of yourself, of what have you become, a reflection of something that was always there, always within you, waiting to come back to light. These are the moments when you will realize that there is no way to happiness and that happiness is the way.

You see, we get so distracted and we let all those people around us to tell us who we are, what to do and what not to, what is good and what is right for us. We let them control our lives and instead of living our life, we let them do it for us. How many people make this mistake? Why do we allow it? Is it weakness, is it lack of direction, is it lack of belief in our own capacity of making decisions, is it lack of self esteem? Which one is it? I met somebody a few weeks ago and that person had a great and strong personality, a great energy. He was telling me how his parents were too busy when he was growing up and how he had to take care of himself. “Everything that I am, everything that I think and everything that I believe in is because I choose to and not because my parents taught me too. All of these ideas, all of my beliefs are mine, I own them.”

I thought that was brilliant. How many people can really say the same thing? How many people can really say that their beliefs were not imposed to them by their parents, friends or the society we live in? Most of the time we don’t even question what we hear, what we are being told. We take everything as being true and we guide our life based on those false, and most of the time limiting beliefs. We do not use our brain and we let everybody tell us what is true and what is good for us.

We just go along with the crowd, not knowing that the crowd has no direction, no goals and no purpose. The crowd has no intention of evolving at a higher speed, has no intention of stepping out of the comfort zone and doing those things that might be hard and necessary. They love to only do what is fun and easy, tension relieving rather than gold achieving.

If we keep on living like this, if we will be doing this, we will never find our true happiness. By doing this, we will never live our lives on purpose and we will wonder around not knowing why is it that the money, power, fame and fortune can’t bring us real happiness. Isn’t that what life is all about? That is exactly what we were told since we were little kids. Money equals happiness. I guess we were led to believe a lie and…

Until next time, wish you all a peaceful and meaningful life.

With all my love,



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Added by Luminita Saviuc on 24, November 2010

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